Vitadar vinegars

Our Vitadar vinegars are natural. We produce them from local wines. We are especially mindful of clean and quick processing. The fermentation takes place in a small acetator, in which mother of vinegar is added to the wine. Vinegar produced in this way is clearer and is not exposed to additional spoiling. The fermentation process is carefully observed. However, the production does not end here. In order to moderate the vinegar’s original acidity and increase its aromatic properties, we must age it in wooden barrels for an appropriate length of time. Thusly it is given time to settle, form secondary aromatic substances and naturally clarify. The maturation process is regularly monitored. When the vinegar has matured and has been appropriately aged, it is prepared for sale. We would like to emphasize that we do not use any colour or other additives in the production of our natural vinegars. We strive to produce vinegars of irreproachable quality while avoiding the use of unnecessary additives and procedures.

ACETUM ANTICUM balsamic vinegar is a 6% vinegar that has been aged for at least five years in a series of barrels made from various types of wood. Each of the barrels enhances the vinegar’s aroma and adds a special note, depending on the wood and the length of time the vinegar matured in it. During the maturation process, vinegar acquires aromatic qualities, thickens, and changes its colour into a dull red with purple and terracotta shades. It also loses some of its original acidity, so that it combines well with the sweetness of the condensed must. The sweet and sour combination of the balsamic vinegar is an already well-known companion to fruit salads, ice-cream and cream desserts. Culinary enthusiasts and gourmets, however, will not shy away from pairing it with various types of meat and bitter vegetables (arugula, corn salad, broccoli, radicchio). 500 ml and 250 ml bottles

ACETUM ANTICUM wine vinegar is a 6% vinegar, made from a rich red wine and aged in oak barrels. Through the maturation process in a wooden environment, it gains a tender secondary aroma, a mildly sour taste, a specific scent, and a ruby red colour with a terracotta hue. It goes well with mixed salads, radicchio with beans, potatoes, or greaves, potato salads, and leek, among other things. 500 ml and 250 ml bottles

ACETUM ANTICUM apple cider vinegar is a 5% vinegar, made from a 100% natural apple juice and aged in oak barrels. The maturation process gives it a heavier woody note that enriches the sour aroma of the apple and soothes the tart taste. It is a deep golden yellow in colour and has a slight orange hue. It pairs well with all green salads, cauliflower, and asparagus. It can be used to prepare delicious dressings, sauces, and invigorating beverages. 500 ml and 250 ml bottles

ACETUM ANTICUM white wine vinegar with garlic is a 6% vinegar. Vinegars with added herbs form a special class of aromatised vinegars. Salads with garlic are tasty, healthy, and have a strong aroma. However, many people do not care for like pieces of garlic in their salad and may simply want to use vinegar that has been aromatised with fresh garlic instead. By adding cloves of garlic to white wine vinegar, we accentuated the garlic’s distinctly rich aroma and managed to retain it in its entirety. 250 ml bottle

Natural balsamic vinegar VITADAR with 6% acidity has been aged in oak barrels for at least 18 months. Due to its sweet and sour duality, it is mildly, but not overpoweringly so, tart. It has a delicate yet distinctively long-lasting aroma with a specific smell and a sweet and sour taste. The colour of the vinegar is a deep dark red. It goes well with a wide variety of dishes: from fresh soft fruits to delicate salads with olive oil, sauces accompanying fish, and grilled poultry. It may even be used in preservation of certain vegetables. Because of its specific aroma, it complements warm meaty dishes as well as desserts and creams. 500 ml bottle

Our assortment of natural vinegars is supplemented by a 4% red wine vinegar and a 6% red wine vinegar, also known as “THE STRONG ONE”. Housekeepers are mostly used to the 4% vinegar, which exhibits the ideal level of acidity, a beautiful ruby red colour, and a pleasant aroma. For anyone who prefers a more generously seasoned and sour salad, we recommend the 6% vinegar. It is also appropriate for seasoning of ordinary salads, but should be applied in smaller quantities, as it is stronger. We can immediately notice it is of a darker ruby red colour and has a richer and stronger aroma than its weaker counterpart.
Because the Mediterranean is an ideal environment for growing grapevine, the Mediterranean cuisine does not traditionally include apple cider vinegar. However, due to its beneficial effects on health, apple cider vinegar has occupied its rightful place among vinegars and is esteemed at a global scale. Apple juice contains less sugar and can therefore apple cider vinegar only reach the acidity of 5%, but compensates for this drawback (if we can even call it that) with a high content of minerals (especially potassium), antioxidants, vitamins, and organic acids. It is ideal for salad seasoning and in preparation of drinks.